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file icon Eagle Library for Atmel AVR XMega Microcontrollershot!
This zip file contains xmega.lbr - an Eagle library for Atmel AVR XMega microcontrollers.
file icon Logic Analyzer User Guidehot!
This is version 1.0 of the User Guide for the "sump" logic analyzer built around the Digilent Spartan3 FPGA development board, Oak Micros omla32 interface card, and a Java User Interface.
file icon Logic Analyzer Fileshot!

Zipped files for "sump" logic analyzer including Spartan3 VDHL, built FPGA and PROM images, and Java User Interface which can be used on Windows or Linux. For more information see the Logic Analyzer User Guide. This download is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

file icon I/O Extension (om128-ext) User Guide and Referencehot!
This is the hardware and software User Guide and Reference for the Oak Micros I/O extension (om128-ext) that can be used with our mega128 and mega1281 based devices. This board plugs into a om128, ZX-128e, ZX-128ne, ZX-1281e or ZX-1281ne device to provide 128K RAM and access to Port A, Port C, and two I/O pins of Port G.
file icon Eagle Parts for Oak Micros Deviceshot!
This zip file contains oakmicros.lbr - an Eagle library for Oak Micros devices.
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